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Game Review: GTA Vice City

The game storyline of GTA Vice City lies in 1980s, in Los Angeles, California. You’ll travel back in time through different stages, and playing such city is very American country-based, with skyscrapers and expressways. For some unknown reasons, Michael “Miguel” Locarno is chosen to be a personal bodyguard/sidekick of Tony, head of the family of Vice Company, on an international mission for the boss of said company. Eventually, you’ll find out that Miguel’s loyalty lies with you, and he’ll do anything to protect you.

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The story behind the game is somewhat realistic, as it can happen to real people too. For example, one of your mission objectives is to save certain amount of kidnapped civilians, which means you have to complete various tasks like locating them, rescuing them, or shooting at the enemy. All these missions can be completed by using the gta vice city mod apk download, which allows you to access all the current missions, along with the ones coming up in the future.

The first of the gta vice city mod apk downloads allows you to buy any of the numerous weapons available to you. They range from the usual handgun, which has the ability to cause instant death, all the way to the RPG 7 rocket launcher. There are also anti-aircraft weapons, machine guns, pistols, and even a few unique types of fighting gear. These are all customizable, as are the weapons themselves, so you can choose what feels the most comfortable to you. The only problem with the weapons is that they have infinite ammo, so you can’t use them forever. You also have a limited amount of lives, so if you want to buy more weapons, you will need to find more of the unlimited money, which can sometimes be hard to come by.

Other types of missions can be downloaded, such as rescue missions and death missions. Although you can complete these on your own, sometimes it is easier to invite some friends to help out. The idea is to earn more money by rescuing other survivors, so don’t forget about the two new weapons the mod apk provides for this purpose. You can get special crates and other rewards when people help you with the different missions.

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The second of the two gta vice city apk features is the use of gta environments. This mod has all the same content as the original, but provides better visuals and sounds. Some of the scenes have been improved, making the game look better than it ever has. The improved graphics are a result of the use of the newest maps and textures. Of course, the improved audio comes from the usage of the latest music tracks.

The third feature of this mod is the inclusion of a “mission manager”, which lets you keep track of all the mission progress. This makes finishing tasks that much easier, since you will know exactly where you are at all times. The mod info explains that this function works by providing a list of all completed missions, their time completed, rewards earned, location, and difficulty level. Completing tasks in the proper order will increase your criminal strength, earning you cash, vehicles, and even some items to resell on the gta games.

As mentioned earlier, you are not allowed to do certain things while playing this game. These include driving or flying in any mode, destroying buildings using explosives, stealing, or targeting other players in a multiplayer mode. This does mean that you cannot use any of the weapons available, including the helicopter and jet packs, unless you have the right license to use them. You can, however, buy, sell, or rent any of the weapons available. These actions, along with completing various challenges within the game, earns you credits which can be used to purchase vehicles for travel purposes in the game.

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The fifth and final feature is the inclusion of a story campaign, which takes place in an alternate version of the world in which the game was released. Although the storyline may seem a little silly, it is well drawn, and adds a lot to the overall enjoyment of the game. If you enjoy playing ridiculous sandbox games like Grand Theft Auto, then you will likely find this one to be a lot of fun. If you prefer a serious puzzle game with excellent graphics and realistic physics, then you will definitely enjoy playing the Xbox Kinect version of this game.

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