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Human: Fall Flat Game Review

Human: Fall Flat takes the gameplay of classic physics engine games and combines it with a light-hearted approach. The player guides their character through a world created from a unique physics engine, following tracks laid out by an ‘artificial intelligence’ system. Human: Fall Flat takes this artful approach even further by giving the character a voice and writing, which is done by the very recognizable Richard Simons. Alongside this, the entire game is delivered via a wonderful selection of over fifty songs. In short, it’s an enjoyable package that delivers more than what it promises.

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Human: Fall Flat is essentially a physics-based platformer with a unique take on the concept. The story behind the game follows a young man who has recently been dumped by his college professor. To earn money to pay for his bills, he ventures out into town and falls in love with a beautiful woman, Amber. To start the story properly, you would need to help him solve some puzzling puzzles to unlock his potential as a human, then use these abilities to help Amber move forward in her life and find a job.

As the puzzles in Human: Fall Flat progress, more is revealed about Amber and the intriguing life she lives. The environments are filled with many different points of interest, such as a diner where you can interact with the characters, a giant mall that you can enter, a prison where you can execute several criminal activities and much more. The game progresses by completing various puzzles, and even includes challenges where you must solve mazes and puzzles without letting any of your party members escape. These challenges add some fun to the gameplay, and also provide the basis for unlocking extra content as you play through the game.

Platforming and physics: Human: Fall Flat takes place in a fairly non-traditional platform environment, using the HTC Vive headset to trigger the actions of the game. This truly makes this game feel like a “real” game, as the physicality of the environment causes the puzzles to have a feeling of real substance. This helps make the game very inviting to players, who often find themselves spending more time trying to figure out the outcomes of their actions than enjoying the actual game play. In typical puzzle style game play, there is not really a sense of accomplishment unless you solve the puzzle, but in Human: Fall Flat, the more points you accumulate throughout the course of the game, the closer you reach to finishing the objective and moving forward. This adds an exciting element to gameplay, one that is missing from some of the other, less physical games being released today.

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Human: Fall Flat isn’t just a puzzle game though; it also takes the player through a series of psychological thriller-like events, where the sole purpose of the game is to uncover the secret memories of an alternate future, where a social gathering is interrupted by a mysterious, unidentified assailant. Throughout the game, there are several hidden memories to discover, which unlock more puzzles as you progress. These memories are collected through a variety of different means, and serve to build up your overall score until you eventually find the right path to take. This adds an element of personalization to the game, as players are given the ability to choose how much time they want to spend searching for the memories, and how much time they want to spend solving the puzzles associated with them.

Puzzles and game-play: Human: Fall Flat has a great deal of replayability built into its platforming and physics puzzle platformer design. Although the majority of the game is played on the HTC Vive lighthouse, the movement and interaction with the environment is highly reactive, with many effects adding life to puzzles and characters. This helps Human: Fall Flat feel like an actual puzzle game, as you are required to solve the puzzle by carefully exploring each room of the apartment. The character you are controlling is in first place, as they are shown in cut-in mode throughout the game, moving around and performing actions, and can be seen from virtually every angle. However, the character is not static, and is continuously moving around the environment, adding an element of excitement to gameplay.

Sound and Music: Human: Fall Flat comes backed by excellent sound and music quality, which fits the theme of the game well. Throughout the game, environmental sounds are generated using the most recent computer technology, and have been specifically recorded to fit the theme, as well. This helps to further help immerse you in the storyline, as you are forced to pay attention and utilise your spatial awareness in order to solve the various puzzles. Likewise, the various puzzles themselves are created using cutting-edge technology, and are designed to be solved quickly and intuitively, without the need to spend a lot of time searching for objects within the environment. All of these features combine to make Human: Fall Flat an enjoyable game, that delivers on its promises of high-quality 3D graphics and excellent audio quality. For Human: Fall Flat fans, this is a game that delivers on its promise – a game that provides you with hours of enjoyable gaming, and a plot that’s enough to keep you hooked on your own difficulty level.

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Overall, Human: Fall Flat lives up to its name. You will be attracted by its exciting storyline, excellent 3D graphics and a variety of puzzles, as well as the fact that you have so many different levels to tackle. There are several different difficulty settings to choose from, and there are also some special effects, like rotating backgrounds during puzzles, to give the game an attractive look and feel. Human: Fall Flat is easily recommended for fans of puzzle games, who are looking for a challenging puzzle game with excellent puzzle design and quality 3D graphics. It’s also suitable for people who do not usually like puzzle games, as it’s an easy game to pick up and play.

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